“Frazzle free” Corporate Functions

Everything seems to move at a quicker pace in the Corporate World; deadlines, meetings, reports, conferences, phone calls, emails…and the list goes on. This modern corporate culture has bred a lifestyle in which everyone wants to save energy, save time and ultimately save money!

One constant in the frienzied rush of corporate life is the ever-growing need for functions and events. This could be something as simple as a boardroom meeting or as complex as a full scale brand launch but the prevalent thing about all corporate sector events is, of course, they require a large amount of planning.

That planning, until now, has usually fallen to a Personal Assistant, Social Club President, Inhouse Event Planner or other member of staff who must take time out of their busy schedule to start piecing together a function. Contacting venues for quotes can be extremely exhausting and time consuming especially if you are working on a tight deadline.

In many cases there is only time to request quotes from a few venues in your area and usually from ones that your company has been to before. Not only does this outcome potentially cost more money than it should but it can ultimately be a waste of time and energy. The other alternative is outsourcing your event planning to an external company or consultant which can be quite costly!

Use Venuezi for “frazzle-free” Corporate Function planning.

Submit a free enquiry through Venuezi

  • Set your enquiry priority (urgent, normal, medium or low) so venues must contact you within your deadline to win your business
  • Set a budget
  • Include additional details (beverage requirements, room requirements, catering, entertainment and much more)
  • Receive quotes from venues in your specified area who can cater for any range of corporate functions and events (some of which you probably¬† did not even know existed or had not considered)
  • Negotiate with venues further if you wish to find the best price for your company
  • Save energy, save time and save money. Tick all three boxes with Venuezi and take the pain out of planning your next corporate function.

We hope you will share the Venuezi revolution with your friends and colleagues.

Nov 2011

Successful Corporate Functions with Venuezi.com

If you are preparing for your next Corporate Function – you have come to the right place.

Not only can venuezi.com help you find the perfect Corporate Function venue, you will also find all the checklists, templates and more to make your preparing for your Corporate Function easier and less stressful.

Sep 2011