Venuezi: Lowering the stress of high cost weddings

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported IbisWorld figures that that the Australian wedding industry has revenues of $4.3 billion and estimates the average wedding cost is $36,200.

The dress, hair and make-up, the cake, photography – all these items are just some of the necessities for the modern Aussie wedding, but by far, the wedding reception venue is going to be the largest cost couples face when celebrating their nuptials with family and friends.

As any married man or woman will tell you, the costs of everyday items double, triple or even quadruple when you mention that the flowers, cake, or photography will be for a wedding and not your 30th birthday celebration.

The Aussie wedding industry, with its revenue that rivals a pacific island’s total economic output, is a seller’s market. Unlike the stock exchange or property market that ebbs and flows, the Australian wedding industry will never be a buThe best wedding reception venuesyer’s market.

Well almost never. Venuezi, Australia’s new revolutionary online venue booking system, levels the seller’s market, by allowing venues to pitch to your wedding’s requirements. If a wedding reception venue wants your business, they’ll have to work for it.

See how it works here.

Venuezi is committed to developing a winning solution for couples searching for their ideal wedding venue. Members join Venuezi for free, posting their wedding reception requirements including date, guest numbers and space requirements anonymously. Venue partners then respond to enquiries, pitching their venue to the prospective client. Venuezi’s consumer value comes from the time and money saved from receiving multiple quotes from multiple venues from just one enquiry.

The raised emotions and high levels of stress are but a few outcomes that come with finding, contacting, visiting, and then negotiating packages with wedding reception venues. Once quotes are received through Venuezi, the customer is free to contact venues directly to follow-up their enquiry. Phone calls can be made and inspections completed in order fully satisfy the most discerning bride and groom.

Using Venuezi makes getting the best possible quote for your wedding reception venue a breeze, as the time and stress brides waste and encounter when searching for their ideal venue will lessen considerably. And who knows? Lucky couples may just find their idyllic wedding venue that they didn’t even know existed.

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Sep 2011
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