Panda hits the Valley

On the 3rd of December, Panda and his friends from Venuezi hit Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. Dressed in the unmissable Venuezi orange, armed with piles of flyers, big smiles and lots of Panda hugs the Team got the word out to thousands of Valley goers.

The response was fantastic and we received several enquiries through the website in the days after and everyone commented that we were “on to something really special”. Panda brought along a film maker to document his adventure and we hope to post it on Facebook very shortly.


The Team visited some of the Venuezi partners in the Valley and even got invited into the Courier Mail’s Christmas party! Hundreds of people flocked around the Panda for hugs and photos and many went away branded with our very own Venuezi stamp!

We couldn’t believe how many people hadn’t planned what they were doing for New Year’s Eve yet! Venuezi is the perfect way to weigh up all of the different options, find the best deal and then choose the venue that is right for you! Take a look at our new improved New Years Eve form and start planning your perfect function now!

To see more photos from the Valley click here.

Dec 2011
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