Highlights of Venuezi.com @ the Ideal Bride Wedding Expo (Qld)

A big thank you to all the brides and grooms who registered their wedding events with Venuezi.com at the Ideal Brides Wedding Expo in February.  For those of you that missed out, watch our video of the Expo highlights.

Ideal Bridal Wedding Expo – Qld

With your help we registered over $1 million of wedding enquiries as well as hens and bucks nights.

Everyone couldn’t believe venuezi.com is a free service that helps you find the wedding venue of your dreams within the budget you have set – it really is as simple as registering your wedding details with venuezi and watch as Venues in your chosen location quote to win your business.

Best of all the service is free, all quotes you receive are obligation free and most importantly – the venues don’t get your contact information until unless you actually open their quote and everything is managed within your personal log-in dashboard at venuezi.com, so your personal email doesn’t get clogged with enquiries.  You know you will get a great deal using our service as we don’t take a commission from the venue for your event or get involved in your negotiations & transaction with the venue of your choice.

What more could a bride want in helping make the venue selection process as stress free and as easy as possible.  Completing the enquiry online takes about a minute and within 48 hours you are receiving quotes from multiple venues – all offering great deals to secure your wedding at their venue.


“Frazzle free” Corporate Functions

Everything seems to move at a quicker pace in the Corporate World; deadlines, meetings, reports, conferences, phone calls, emails…and the list goes on. This modern corporate culture has bred a lifestyle in which everyone wants to save energy, save time and ultimately save money!

One constant in the frienzied rush of corporate life is the ever-growing need for functions and events. This could be something as simple as a boardroom meeting or as complex as a full scale brand launch but the prevalent thing about all corporate sector events is, of course, they require a large amount of planning.

That planning, until now, has usually fallen to a Personal Assistant, Social Club President, Inhouse Event Planner or other member of staff who must take time out of their busy schedule to start piecing together a function. Contacting venues for quotes can be extremely exhausting and time consuming especially if you are working on a tight deadline.

In many cases there is only time to request quotes from a few venues in your area and usually from ones that your company has been to before. Not only does this outcome potentially cost more money than it should but it can ultimately be a waste of time and energy. The other alternative is outsourcing your event planning to an external company or consultant which can be quite costly!

Use Venuezi for “frazzle-free” Corporate Function planning.

Submit a free enquiry through Venuezi

  • Set your enquiry priority (urgent, normal, medium or low) so venues must contact you within your deadline to win your business
  • Set a budget
  • Include additional details (beverage requirements, room requirements, catering, entertainment and much more)
  • Receive quotes from venues in your specified area who can cater for any range of corporate functions and events (some of which you probably  did not even know existed or had not considered)
  • Negotiate with venues further if you wish to find the best price for your company
  • Save energy, save time and save money. Tick all three boxes with Venuezi and take the pain out of planning your next corporate function.

We hope you will share the Venuezi revolution with your friends and colleagues.

Nov 2011

Planning your Christmas Party

Christmas can be a stressful time of year for many people. There are so many things to organise and it usually works out that everything is left to the very last minute. Follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to a calm and stress free Christmas party this year.

Start planning early (October/November)
Everyone knows that by the time December comes around, the days quickly dissapear before our eyes! That is why it is important to finalise your party date and put together your guest list well before the end of November.

Find the perfect venue
Use www.venuezi.com to submit an enquiry. Outline all of the necessary details and include as much information as possible. Use your enquiry dashboard to manage quotes from venues, talk about menu and beverage options and organise an area that is perfect for your party. You can shortlist your two or three favourite venues and invite your guests to vote for their preferred party destination

Be realistic about guest numbers
During the festive season some of us have a tendency to over-indulge. Remember that although you may want to hold a big bash for all of your friends and family, it is important to stay realistic. Consider the size of the venue you have booked and also the cost per head you have budgeted for. Keep it manageable as it is always better to have an amazing small party than a large poorly-put-together one!

Send out your invitations early.
You’ll find people’s calendars start to fill very quickly in December, so invite your guests as soon as possible.  Set the tone for the party with your invitations. Ensure you include as much information as possible so your guests know when they need to RSVP, whether they can bring their children, what they need to wear and any other relevant details.

Determine final numbers.
Ask your guests to contact you in advance if they intend to bring any extra guests.  Don’t forget to call anyone who doesn’t RSVP within a week. You can create an event through Facebook, invite all of your guests and easily manage your RSVPs online.

Confirm the catering with your venue
There are some obvious considerations: the type of Christmas party you are hosting, your theme and budget.  Christmas food can be either traditional or, in a hot Australian summer, casual. Barbecued seafood is always a hit for a casual Christmas soiree, but you won’t go wrong with a roast turkey either. Talk the menu through with your Function Coordinator to create a menu that is just right for your event.

Set a budget for food and decorations
Determine exactly what you can afford to spend before you go shopping.  Write a detailed list and don’t deviate from it even for the most fabulous impulse buys

Decorate your venue for the event
Check with your Function Coordinator to find out how much time you have to decorate before your party starts. Choose decorations that fit well within the space you have booked and don’t take up too much space. Also ensure that you do not spend more than you budgeted for as the cost of a party can quickly grow.

Delight your guests with Christmas party favours
Small personalised gifts are always a hit and are a great way to thank people for attending your party. The favours don’t need to be extravagant, remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Keep a checklist
Write everything down that you need to do and set yourself date orientated goals. Remember to organise things earlier rather than later and refer back to the Venuezi blog for information and inspiration. You can also review the details of your party through your Venuezi enquiry dashboard.

— Thank you to Pink Frosting for some great party planning tips
Oct 2011

Venuezi at Coorparoo State School Carnival

The Venuezi Team and Panda were out and about at the Coorparoo State School Carnival on Sunday 23rd October. Panda and his helpers were equipped with balloons, candy and loads of Panda hugs for all of the children and caregivers who attended. It was a fantastic day, the sun was shining, there were carnival rides, craft stalls, dance and Tae Kwon Do demonstrations, among many other exciting things to see and do. Panda tried his hand at some Kung Fu and also met Addy from Commonwealth Bank and Lion from the Brisbane Lions. (See more photos here)

As we were making our way around the carnival, we met a number of parents who were very enthusiastic to start using Venuezi.com. A lot of them mentioned to us how difficult and stressful it can be to plan a children’s party, not only finding a venue that is suitable to hold a large group of excited kids but also to coordinate balloons, gift bags, catering and entertainment. The Venuezi Team are happy that we’re able to bring this amazing resource to parents all over Australia. A website that can not only help you find the perfect place to host your party but can also assist in coordinating everything else.

Did you know there are more than 3.5 million children aged between one and 15 years of age in Australia. That means more than 52,500,000 childrens’ parties held every year! Imagine how many balloons, cakes and gift bags it takes to have that many parties!? Submit an enquiry through Venuezi today and let us help you to take the stress out of planning your child’s next birthday. Check out our perfect parties resource page for inspiration and information!

Share Venuezi with your friends and join the revolution!

Oct 2011
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Venuezi at the Queensland Brides Wedding Expo

The Venuezi Team were out and about this weekend at the Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo. This expo is held every year at the Brisbane Convention Centre and showcases a wide variety of wedding suppliers including dresses, entertainment, honeymoon destinations and of course wedding venues!

Walking around the expo really put into perspective just how much is involved in planning a wedding. Aside from the “dress”, the wedding venue is the most important part of planning a wedding according to the majority of brides we spoke to. Every bride goes through the difficult and stressful task of searching out the perfect place to tie the knot but now venuezi.com has revolutionized this process.

There are a whopping 120,000 weddings held each year in Australia and the average spend on a reception is around $12,100. Save yourself time and money by saying, “I do” to venuezi.com. Not only can you take advantage of our one-of-a-kind function portal but the Venuezi blog is a gateway for you to access a myriad of information about planning your wedding, function, party or special event.

Share Venuezi with your friends and join the revolution!

Oct 2011
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