About Us

The Venuezi team continues to grow as we set about transforming the functions and events space. The major shareholders in Venuezi are seasoned hospitality operators who have a desire to “improve the way business is done”.

Venuezi is about providing a platform where everyone is comfortable listing their functions and events for venues (our Partners) to quote on them, knowing that you will get quotes from venues that you did not even consider and that the quotes will be competitively priced with some innovative offers to wow your guests.

The Venuezi site brings together the best experience from professional function organisers who organise functions every day and from some of the best functions teams in Australia. Another feature of the Venuezi culture is our ongoing commitment to ‘continual improvement’ to the site and the way we do business. Everyone in the Company has to spend at least twenty percent (20%) of their time on submitting improvements for the site so that our Members and Partners continue to see improvements which they can take advantage of and enjoy better functions and have a more profitable business.

Our team is about ‘transforming’ the way the functions and events industry works and creating a ‘win/win’ for both the consumer and the venue.

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Sep 2011

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