An effective antidote to the Bridezilla syndrome An effective antidote to the Bridezilla syndrome

One of the greatest hurdles a bride planning her wedding must contend with is the sheer amount of time it takes to organise a wedding.

By the time the excitement of becoming engaged hits home, brides planning the biggest day of their lives must dedicate a considerable amount of their spare time finding all the suppliers they require in order to make their ‘big day’ the best day possible!

Contacting, visiting, calling and ordering from  dressmakers, cake makers, hair and beauty suppliers and wedding reception venues eats away at the quality time that engaged couples should be enjoying.

Bridezillas appear amongst us from time to time because their dream wedding is taking up a considerable amount of their time and energy. Stress levels rise as they move towards the big day, where Bridezilla calculate what they still have to do in a with a less amount of time to do it in.

Choosing a date and then finding the ultimate wedding venue is usually the first ‘must do’ for most couples who then work backwards, usually giving themselves a set amount of time from their wedding day to get everything organised. Those planning a Autumn, Spring or Summer wedding can have their engagements shortened or lengthened considerably depending on the availability of their venue.

Venuezi aims to reduce the amount of time couples spend searching for their ideal wedding venue and spend time on the smaller items that can equally add to their special day.

At the recent Sydney Bridal Expo Venuezi presented their easy venue finding offer to countless brides to be and their fiancés. Regardless of whether the couple had a specific date or season in mind, or even if they had a venue booked already, all recognised the value of Venuezi in finding unknown wedding reception gems. Maids of honour also saw the value of using Venuezi to find a venue for the bride’s hen’s night.

Amy from Concord West said: “Venuezi is a great idea. It takes the research out of finding a venue. It is also great fofrm other events besides weddings.”

Samantha from Brighton said: “The site is perfect for my fiancé to use as he loves doing everything online. The system is pretty easy to use too.”

Christine from Oatley said: “the site makes it easy to find different venues and is perfect for different events besides weddings. It will be easy to use at home after the Expo.”

Plenty of grooms to be also found the Venuezi experience a positive one.

Michael from Springwood said: “It is simple and easy to use. It will probably save a lot of dramas and seems a better option to find different venues for our wedding. It will also be good for the boys to plan my bucks.”

Dont be caught out – visit and find out how we take the stress and hassle out of finding a wedding venue.

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