Venuezi Wedding Tips – Part 1 – Things to plan for as early as possible…

Girl thinking about using to find her perfect wedding venue

Thinking about using to find her perfect wedding venue Wedding Tips- Part 1 – Things to plan for as early as possible…

Here are some things you’ll want to plan for as early as possible before your wedding

  • Determine the source of funds for your wedding as well as a budget for how those funds will be spent.
  • Decide on a maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, along with ushers.
  • Develop a budget tracking method.
  • Start to plan the guest list by carefully choosing families, relatives, close friends to common friends.
  • Will you include children in the wedding? If yes, plan their recreational activities to keep them entertained!
  • Find your perfect wedding and reception venue and reserve your date – visit to make your life easier.
  • Select and reserve the band or DJ of your preference for the date of your reception.
  • Take into account any upcoming events among your family and friends or perhaps any huge events that take place in your city before you choose a date.
  • If you are planning an outdoor wedding, consider the time of year and the place you live. Sometimes hot weathers are an invitation to mosquitoes, beetles and other painfully annoying insects! You sure don’t want to be screaming your vows while looking to hit that one mosquito paving its way to your Wedding Cake!
  • Climate in some parts of the country can really have an effect, not just on your wedding day plans, but on honeymoon travel as well. Consider this as you make your plans.
  • Keep records of all orders placed such as invoices paid, amounts still outstanding, and general accounting records of your entire wedding in whatever way is most convenient and natural for you.

Read part two of our wedding tips, as we begin the countdown to the big day.


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